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Did you know that a lot of the “junk” made of metal around your house can be recycled? We recycle steel, appliances, cars, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum cans. Contact the nearest location for pricing or pick up services.

Option #1

If you can get your Scrap Metal to a recycling facility, they may pay you cash for it.

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Option #2

If you have no practical way to get your Scrap Metal to a recycling facility, there is a chance that they can send someone to pick it up for a small freight fee.

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Disclaimer of liability.

GotScrap.com (SA Recycling) may contact independent contractors to purchase and/or pick up scrap from residential or business properties. GotScrap.com maintains no control over the independent contractor and assumes no responsibility for their conduct, licenses or insurance. The customer should be aware that the independent contractor may not have general liability insurance and if the customer is concerned about damage of their property by actions of the independent contractor, the customer should assume full control over any activity to remove the scrap from their property. If the customer needs help removing the scrap from their property and desires that the person removing the scrap have insurance, the customer should make appropriate arrangements with the contractor.

Now Offering Pickups

For a small freight fee, we offer full-service SCRAP removal for your home or business.  At the moment we are removing SCRAP from homes and businesses throughout most of California. Call or click to set an appointment.

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