What is a Scrap Yard you ask?

Scrap Metal (which originates from homes, businesses, schools, etc...) should be properly disposed of at a certified recycling Scrap Yard. In different parts of the country, a "Scrap Yard" could also be referred to as a "Junkyard" or "Breaker's Yard"). Such Scrap Metals should NOT be put in our landfills, but rather a place where it can be processed for later melting into new products.

Most all Metal Scrap Yards will pay cash or check for your Scrap Metal. They key here, however, is that you must find a way to get your Scrap Metal to the yard. Many people just don't have the resources to get large Scrap Metal to yards, which is why there are a growing amount of people referred to as "Scrap Movers" or "Scrappers" that will offer to remove your Scrap Metal (some for a fee, some for free - really depends on the company and how much you have).

Metal Scrap Yards usually pay by weight (not be item). Scrap Metal prices are reported in a handful of U.S. websites such as amm.com.

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For a small freight fee, we offer full-service SCRAP removal for your home or business.  At the moment we are removing SCRAP from homes and businesses throughout most of California. Call or click to set an appointment.

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